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All Computers Inc. is a company established in 1971 in Toronto, Canada by world-renown computer expert and innovator, Mers Kutt.  Mr. Kutt has been acknowledged as the inventor of the personal computer ( MCM /70 1973)  by such prestigious publications as the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (2003) and silicon valley's Computer History Museum CORE 4.1 publication (2003).

All Computers Inc. was formed for the purpose of developing technology to enhance the performance of microprocessors, a lifetime passion of Mr. Kutt's.

All Computers Inc. is the owner by assignment of US Patent 5,506,981 which is a pioneer patent for circuitry which allows the utilization of high speed microprocessors such as the Intel Pentium series.

All inquiries concerning All Computers Inc's filing of the patent suit should be directed to mers@merskutt.com